Mail handling with getmail, procmail, mutt and exim4

27.07.2005 at 22:17

I recently needed to reinstall my mailing tools and so i am going to write about it in this blogentry. I have used getmail to fetch the mails from the POP3 Server, procmail to filter them, mutt to display them and finally exim4 to forward new mails to my providers server for delivering.

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Getting the week number of a given date in lotus notes @formulas

27.07.2005 at 12:42

Ok first of all i am one of those unlucky guys who has to develop things with Lotus Domino. Especially the formula language is kind of crap (my personal opinion).

But anyway i had to program a calendar and therefore i needed to get the week number of a given date. Thanks to the notesweb where i found an almost working version, i just needed to patch it a bit.

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Pausing a batchscript for a given time

26.07.2005 at 14:03

Yesterday i have posted a batch script which i have found on my box, so here is another piece of code which i found today.

As you all know Windows sucks when it comes to shell/batchscripting (well not yust there, but that's another story) and so even basic things become difficult.

For example in bachscripting there is no easy way to pause a script for a given time (sleep in bash), but with the help of the ping command this can be achieved.

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VMWare wrapper script for fullscreen startup (Windows)

25.07.2005 at 18:34

I found a batch script on my pc at work which i had written last year. It might be useful for someone who wants to start a VMware-Virtual-Machine directly in fullscreen mode with a simple shortcut. It is tested on WinXP with VMWare 4.5 but should also work with Win2000.

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Debian/Sid and Apt: keep track of the changes.

23.07.2005 at 13:49

Since Debian/Sid, which i am using on my primary box, is now switching over to and GCC 4.0 there are a few broken dependencies right now which could cause troubles. I do not always have the time to read the Debian mailinglist (which you actually should if you are using unstable) and therefor i find apt-listbugs and apt-listchanges quite useful.

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