VBA hurts - a lot

18.06.2007 at 15:28

Today i had to make some changes to an in house macro and it just reminded me of the fact that VBA causes brain damage. I really dislike this language and try to avoid it as much as i can. An example of it's stupidity is the fact that it uses the same operator for both assignment and comparison. Then the standard VBA standard library is just too poor, there doesn't seem to be a method to remove all objects from a given collection which results in selfmade solution like the following.

Do While mycollection.Count > 0
	mycollection.Remove (1)

Enough ranting for today, hope you don't have to use this crap, too bad that i am not working in the *nix world.


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Disabling the Macbook Startup Sound

09.06.2007 at 11:13

When you start a macbook you hear a kind of control sound (beep) which means the hardware check was ok. This sound is pretty annoying even more when you start your laptop in a public room and suddenly everybody is looking at you. After some research i found out that Psst (a Mac application) allows you to disable this startup sound. So happy booting, without disturbing everybody around you.


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Installing Debian Etch on a MacBook Core Duo 2

30.04.2007 at 21:16

I recently bought a new Macbook, well one of the first things i did was installing Debian. The instructions in the corresponding Debian Wiki Page work pretty well, except i didn't want to install lilo because it is just to annoying and error prone to run /sbin/lilo every time i changed something in the bootloader configuration. It turns out that the grub shipped with edge is capable to boot a macbook. The only thing you have to do is change the partition type of your /boot partition. In my case this is /dev/sda4. So just proceed the debian installation as explained on the Debian Wiki, when you drop to the console to sync the MBR from the GPT change the filesystem type as shown bellow. Adjust the index (in my case 4 for /dev/sda4) to the partion containing grub to match your setup.

sfdisk -c /dev/sda  83

This worked for me. The only other thing which annoyed me a bit is the keyboard and touchpad configuration. Update your touchpad config within xorg.conf as explained on this page and for the keyboard use these hints.

Enjoy your GNU/Linux powered Macbook!


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Getting the Location of the executing Assembly on the .NET Compact Framework

12.04.2007 at 15:09

Had some time today to familirize myself with the .NET Compact Framework. Took me some time to find out how to get the location of the program on the device. Here is what i came up with afer some research.



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Deleting all default wiki pages in Trac

03.04.2007 at 20:00

I am currently evaluating Trac as a web management tool for a school project. By default Trac comes with lots of standard wiki content, mostly help instructions, which i don't need. So here is a simple script which saves the current wiki content and then deletes all pages.

cd /path/to/your/trac/project
mkdir wiki-exported && trac-admin . wiki dump wiki-exported
for page in $(trac-admin . wiki list | awk '{  if($1 ~ /^(Trac|Wiki).*$/) print $1}'); do 
    $(trac-admin . wiki remove $page); 

If you want to restore your wiki content then run

trac-admin . wiki load wiki-exported

To upgrade to the latest help instruction issue the following command

trac-admin . wiki upgrade


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