Error Handling in VBA

20.09.2007 at 14:52

Ok at work I have to deal with some ugly VBA code, and well as you probably can imagine this is not exactly fun. One thing which I find hilarious about VBA is it's approach to error handling which allows people to just ignore everything. So you end up with code like

On Error Resume Next
  [Lot of junk]

Today I stumbled over the following construct:

On Error GoTo 0

What the hell is 0 in this context? For sure it isn't a valid label. A quick google search revealed the above url which states that this restores normal error handling mode (that is a standard run time error message box will be displayed).

So with this you can kind of emulate try/catch/finally of a sane language.

On Error GoTo Catch
    [Do something which might cause an error]
    GoTo Finally
    [An error occurred, do something]
    On Error Goto 0 ' restore normal error handling


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Wascana a C++ IDE for Windows

19.09.2007 at 21:05

Today i stumbled across Wascana a Eclipse based C++ IDE for Windows which seems handy when you need a complete development environment with most of the needed tools like MinGW and Cygwin plus a few common libraries and don't want to install each component on it's own.

Added to my bookmarks.


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OpenMoko Shop in Switzerland and Europe

17.09.2007 at 22:48

I need a new mobile phone and I am currently thinking about buying an OpenMoko. So I searched for the easiest and cheapest way to get one and found this European OpenMoko Shop which operates from Switzerland which is even better because I am myself a Swiss guy.

So if you plan to purchase an OpenMoko Phone from Europe this may be the way to go.


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C# and .Net Performance Considerations

14.09.2007 at 21:02

At work I am currently busy implementing a so called "WebService" (in my case a XML file is send via HTTP POST method to me and I have to return an accurate response).

During this and out of general interest I searched for C# and performance related best practices. A quick google search turned up the following chapter Improving Managed Code Performance of a Microsoft publication which might be quite interesting.


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Converting a Hg Repository to Git

08.09.2007 at 18:02

Okay it seems that lately I am spending quite a bit of time with various tasks in different source control management systems.

Today I decided to switch my little qemu-gui project from hg to git. The only reason is that I can use the public git hosting offerings of First, I tried to convert the repository with tailor. However, for some reason I couldn't make it work within 5-10 minutes. So I gave hg-to-git a chance and it worked immediately.

So there is now a public git repository online for qemu-gui.


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