DVTM - Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager Released

09.12.2007 at 23:17

So this weekend I released a first version of dvtm a dynamic tiling window manager for the console.

Hope it will be useful for a few people out there.


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Starting Java Programs as Windows Services

12.11.2007 at 10:53

Last week at work we needed to run a Java server application in background as a windows service. Turns out that the Java Service Wrapper works pretty well, it takes care of launching the JVM with the appropriate options in the context of a windows service.


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Free Software for Windows

08.11.2007 at 15:21

Today I stumbled over a lightweight, free software PDF reader for Windows Sumatra PDF. At the moment it lacks a few basic things like a search facility but it looks promising. I hope that in a few months it can be used in daily work as a replacement for the proprietary and bloated Adobe PDF Reader.

This led me to think what other open source application i more or less regularly use on Windows (i.e. at work).

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Using Debtags to Get All Debian Packages Which Are Implemented in C

07.11.2007 at 23:44

Ok for some time I thought about creating a real world test and regression suite for tinycc. It would be nice if I could use the existing Debian infrastructure for this purpose. For obvious reasons I am only interested in packages which are implemented in C, so I searched for a way to filter them out. It seems like debtag could do the trick, the following command returns 1160 packages on an etch system.

debtags grep implemented-in::c | cut -d: -f1

Let's see what I can do with it.


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Documenting Kernel Configuration Files and Using the Miniconfig Format

03.11.2007 at 22:34

I was recently compiling a customized 2.6.23 kernel, to get a better overview what I really selected I used the miniconfig format. It only contains the config options which a user would have to select from within menuconfig if he started from an allnoconfig setup.

Rob Landley has written, a script which takes a normal kernel config file and removes all redundant symbols which are indirectly selected. This has the advantage that the resulting config file is bloat free and gives a good overview of the selected features.

First do a make menuconfig select your config options as needed, copy the .config file to a temporary location and then run the script with the temporary file name as argument. This will generated a corresponding mini.config file. Make sure that you set the ARCH variable as appropriate. Below is an example:

make ARCH=i386 menuconfig
mv .config tempfile
ARCH=i386 tempfile
cat mini.config

To expand a mini.config back into a full .config file (to build a kernel by hand, or for further editing with menuconfig), you can go:

make ARCH=i386 allnoconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=mini.config

So far so good, I now had a reasonable small config file, but I still wasn't sure what each config options actually does. Furthermore, I was too lazy to actually look up each symbol in the menuconfig help system, as a consequence I wrote an script. It takes a kernel config file and documents each option with the help text as found in the various Kconfig files in the kernel source tree. So I finally had a short and documented config file which I could further fine tune.

Hope you find it useful.


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