Evaluating Free Software wxWidgets GUI Builders | Designers [Update]

10.08.2006 at 16:04

I am currently *trying* to write a cross platform gui frontend for qemu. I have chosen to use the C++ toolkit wxWidgets, mostly because it is written in C++ and therefore object oriented, other advantages are that on linux it uses gtk+ and it has good support for M$ Windows.

Since i don't want to mess around with basic things like the placement of the various gui elements, i looked around for a wxWidgets capable RAD tool. Below is a list with what i found so far.

After a _short_ evaluation my first impression is that wxglade is not quite there yet feature wise. wxDev-C++ is impressive but depends on Dev-C++ and is therefore only available on Windows. wxFormBuilder seems to be cross platform can generate both xml resource files and C++ source code which satisfies my needs.

So right know i think wxFormBuilder is my favorite but that could change once i start using it for a longer time.


I found wxGuiBuilder which is quite neat, the main idea is to represent the GUI with a few simple relatively easy recognizable ascii symbols. The advantage is that there is no XML and no IDE needed in order to build a good gui.


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Mixing C and C++ Code in the Same Program

26.07.2006 at 10:06

I am currently trying to reuse an existing C-library from C++, since i am quite a newbie on this things i found the following article from the Sun Developer Network Mixing C and C++ Code in the Same Program quite interesting.


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picotux - the smallest Linux Computer in the World

28.06.2006 at 13:53

Today i came across a really fancy project / product, picotux - the smallest Linux Computer in the World.

This thing is apperantly build on top off uClinux and busybox. It connects it self to the outside world over RJ45 or a serial connector and can even serve as a simple web or telnet server.

See the technical page for further information.


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Understanding XSS to prevent it

23.06.2006 at 14:41

There was recently a completely stupid XSS story covered on Slashdot whose main argument is quoted below.

XSS vulnerabilities are not a mark of bad or insecure code but rather a nasty but unavoidable risk that's a part of JavaScript - and that even then, XSS 'vulnerable' sites are no less dangerous or vulnerable at heart.

Fortunately this is completely bullshit. We will later discuss what kind of countermeasures can be taken, but first of all make sure you know what XSS is for that purpose i would suggest reading the XSS FAQ.

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13.06.2006 at 17:14

After some time on my personal webserver which is only accessible from dyndns, finally goes online. For those of you wondering about the name, i would suggest reading the about page.

Hope you enjoy the stay and find some useful information.


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