Vis a Highly Efficient Vim Like Text Editor

23.09.2014 at 16:35

Inspired by the excellent Project Oberon I recently wrote a highly efficient, vim like text editor, called vis. Its core features include:

Check out the README and the resulting discussion on the suckless mailing list.

Designing a text editor presents some interesting challenges and design decision.

Most importantly it is a lot of fun.

Comments (2)

Colour Highlighting

03.10.2014 by Anonymous Coward

I think CSS-like selectors would be interesting, and more elegant than the current regexp - colour pairs. One application of cascading is that we can have syntax inside comments and #if 0 branches. Normal syntax colours can be faded by the (possibly background) comment colour. Another application is user-defined style sheet for colour customization, rather than hand-editing config.def.h and recompiling :) I know, this has no priority. Just some thoughts.

You are wrong anonymous Coward

05.12.2015 by Denis D (stdedjub[at]gmail[dot]com)

The though about recompiling is, to don't bloat the software, everytime you wanted a parser for a config file it make the application where big and also it's not failureproof.. This tool handles it like every suckless tool ;) So don't break the habbit :D