CMus a ncurses based music player

22.10.2005 at 21:16

For those of you who don't know i like ncurses based apps because they usually have a decent interface which can be handled only by keyboard. Therefore the apps can be used almost everywhere even over ssh when no x-server is running and with screen you even have some kind of window manager.

I regularly use vim, mutt and sometimes irssi and now it seems that i have found another great console app the CMus - C* Music Player. It is a full featured music player for the console with support for various file formats, a intuitive interface including playlist handling (sorting,grouping,searching etc.), directory browser, vim-like command line syntax with tab expansion, extremely powerful playlist filters and a lot more.

I suggest you just check it out and read the documentation which is included in the source tarball, it really is a good piece of software.

Configuring CMus to use the also dmix plugin

As i covered in an another blog entry the also dmix plugin can be used to control the access to the sound device and allowing multiple applications to use it at the same time. To configure CMus to use the dmix plugin we just have to change one option in it's config file which is per default located in ~/.config/cmus/config

dsp.alsa.device = "plug:dmix"

This could also be done by issuing the following command within cmus in command line mode.

:set dsp.alsa.device=plug:dmix

Hope you enjoy using this cool app.


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01.08.2011 by Peter

Finally, this solved my issue. Thanks so much.