Running Lotus Notes 6.5.x with WINE

27.11.2005 at 15:34

I recently needed Lotus Notes 6.5.2 for business purposes, i knew that it kind of worded with WINE and so i gave it a try. Here are my tips for others who have to run Notes under a unix-like operating system.

1) Take a wine version which is known to work (20050725) newer 
   ones like 0.9 don't (at least i couldn't manage to make it work).
2) Install the notes client on a windows box
3) Adjust all settings on the windows box
        - set the webrowser to notes
        - set the sametime connection to manual
        - configure proper TCP/IP settings and disable everything
          else (NETBIOS)
4) Copy the notes directory over to the linux machine
5) Copy mfc42.dll and msvcp60.dll from C:\Windows\System32 to 
6) Launch winecfg and set the windows version to Win98
7) Run Notes with wine "c:\program files\lotus\notes\nlnotes.exe"

Additional hints and help may be found in the comments in wine's appdb, the lotus notes ibm forum or over here.


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