DVTM - Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager Released

09.12.2007 at 23:17

So this weekend I released a first version of dvtm a dynamic tiling window manager for the console.

Hope it will be useful for a few people out there.


Comments (3)


16.12.2007 by effraie (mathieu[at]effraie[dot]org)

Whoho! this seems a VERY interesting project!

Great work.

16.03.2008 by arik181 (arik181[at]hotmail[dot]com)

I can tell that I'll be a fan just by looking at this project.

One of the best SW ideas I saw lately

12.05.2008 by Avi (avi.yag_1[at]yahoo[dot]com)

That is a great idea. Take dwm and import it to "screen"... It works much better than the "split and layout" patches done on screen's CVS.