Creating dummy packages to fullfill dependencies in Debian

20.08.2005 at 22:17

First of all i would like to make clear that this should just be done if you _really_ know what you are doing, otherwhise it could mess up your system.

Ok so you are warned. However in some cases it is really useful. For example i have the proprietary SUN J2SDK (*.bin file) installed on my system, since the JDK is not integrated into the package management system an apt-get install azureus fails because of broken dependencies on sun-j2dk-1.5.

So i decided to set up a dummy package to pretend that sun-j2dk-1.5 is installed. First we need to create a control file.

equivs-control my-j2sdk1.5

This will generate a template control file which can be edited to fit our needs.

Section: misc
Priority: optional
Standards-Version: 3.5.10

Package: my-j2sdk1.5
Provides: sun-j2sdk1.5
Architecture: all

Description: Dummy package whichs only purpose is to provide sun-j2sdk1.5

Now the next step is to build an acutal deb package.

equivs-build my-j2sdk1.5

This file can now be installed as usual.

dpkg -i my-j2sdk1.5

And azureus should now also work properly.

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Useful for docker images

13.06.2018 by mviereck

Thank you! I use this to shrink down docker image sizes. Some dependencies are quite useless within a container environment, now I can replace them with dummy packages.