Artwiz fonts in combination with fluxbox

28.08.2005 at 00:59

As you probably already know i am working with fluxbox and i wanted to use those pretty artwiz fonts. The installation is easy just follow the README file.

Do the following (example for gentoo):

    cd your_font_dir
    tar xvjf artwiz-aleczapka-<LANG>-<RELEASE>.tar.bz2
    cd artwiz-aleczapka-<LANG>-<RELEASE>
    fc-cache -fv ./

    Add this path to your /etc/X11/XF86Config config
    FontPath "your_font_dir/artwiz-aleczapka-<LANG>-<RELEASE>"

    and fontconfig config file (eg. /etc/fonts/local.conf)

    restart X

Your installation may vary depending on your distro.

But it seemed that fluxbox doesn't like them. The fonts were working in other applications such as terminals or torsmo but fluxbox yust ignored them and displayed an ugly default font. So first of all i made sure that i took a valid font, this can be done with xfontsel or xlsfonts.

xlsfonts | grep -i "artwiz"

I then selected one and pasted it into my fluxbox style file.


But the fonts didn't work until i switched off AntiAlias in the fluxbox configuration menu or by modifying ~/.fluxbox/init.

session.screen0.antialias:      false

Thanks to tenner from #fluxbox for pointing this out.

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