Opera without Ads

20.09.2005 at 21:08

To today Opera released their browser for free (as in beer) without advertisement. This is really good news for me because Opera is my favorite browser and a great piece of software.

And before someone is arguing that i should use Firefox instead because Opera is not opensource (free as in speech), i _am_ a supporter of Free Software but Opera is just an exception. Out of curiosity i have even installed vrms to show the non-free packages on my system and here is the result.

Non-free packages installed on mydebian

opera                     The Opera Web Browser

  1 non-free packages, 0.2% of 617 installed packages.

So you see it is really just opera but i can't actually describe why i like it. It is simpy the best internet experience, (except lynx of course ;). A quote from Slashdot illustrates it quite well.

So thanks Opera for releasing your great browser.

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