Source Controll Management with bazaar-ng

14.10.2005 at 12:09

I recently took a look at bazaar-ng and i am quite impressed, the installation is plain simple (well on debian anyway it's just apt-get install bzr) and the user interface is straight forward either (commands are more or less named as expected).

As an introduction i recommend reading through their wiki. To get started just initialize a new branch and then add further files. With bzr help [command] you get some information about the specified command.

cd your_project_dir
bzr init
bzr add your_file
bzr status
bzr commit your_file -m "Initional commit." # make some changes
bzr status
bzr diff
bzr commit your_file -m "Your comment."
bzr log

So i hope you see how easy it is to handle your source files with bazaar-ng i will use it for a new project and probably blog about my experience with it in daily use later on.

If you have to choose a SCM-System then this comparison might be useful although some newly created ones such as bazaar-ng or git are not yet listed there.


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